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The Fonte S. Antonio mineral water has its source in the heart of the Italian Alps, 300 metres underground and protected from all possible contamination.


S.Antonio is a light and well balanced water (only 0.0004% sodium content). The water naturally filters through layers of rock to achieve a perfect balance of mineral salts which give this water a soft and velvety taste.


S. Antonio water is the “historical” water drank by 1 million households (source: GFK 2008). Due to its content of salts and trace elements it is recognized by the Ministry of Health as the ideal water for the preparation of baby food (Ministry of Health Authorization Decree n. 3459 dated September 16, 2002).


Chemical and chemical-physical parameters
  • Water temperature at source °C 15,7
  • pH water temperature at source 7,9
  • Specific electric conductivity at 20°C μS/cm 202,0
  • Fixed residue at 180°C mg/l 130,8
  • Total hardness °F 10,4
  • Free carbon dioxide at source cm3/l 3,0

  • Sparkling


  • Light sparkling water

    Light sparkling water